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Open_Ed assignments for week 15: Wrap Up

4 Dicembre 2007 Commenti chiusi

For the assignments of this last week of the course, I have accepted Alessandro’s invitation to produce a group presentation on Google Docs about our feelings towards the course. If you want to see our work, click here.

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Open_Ed assignments for week 14: Reflecting on Week 13

2 Dicembre 2007 Commenti chiusi


As regards this week’s cross-blogging, the impression I’ve got is that we have been a bit in trouble with the course assignments. Some participants are late in their blogging, others have not posted anything on the topic yet. Probably, none of us has the same degree of imagination as Dr Wiley, or maybe we are a little tired, this is the second-last week of the course. It is also difficult to synthesize the other participants’ interventions because I have read predictions about the future of Open Education that are very different the one from the other, the only common aspect is that we are definitely sure that the OER movement will have a significant development in the future, but nobody is quite sure about its positive or negative effects. Here is a list of the posts that have impressed me most.

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