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Open_Ed assignments for week 13: The Future of Open Education

24 Novembre 2007 9 commenti

I have liked Dr. Wiley’s idea of writing the chapter about the future of the OER movement in an autobiographical form, as if everything had already happened. It has given the narration a more realistic flavour, there is more credibility in what he writes. At a certain point in my reading I was afraid that he was going to give us no hope in a positive development of OERs in the future but, as it happens in all the best novels, everything has been set and the surprising ending has been assured. Wiley discusses the problem of the future of the open education movement in higher education from an essentially U-S centred viewpoint, and that could not be different, it would be too difficult to figure out a worldwide scenario. This is exactly the reason why I will try to figure out what can happen, I hope at least what might happen, in my local reality, old little Italy, in the near future.

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Open_Ed assignments for week 12: Reflecting on Week 11

18 Novembre 2007 Commenti chiusi

When I started to read about learning objects last week I was a little confused and felt rather ignorant about this topic: I had previously tried to learn something about them by myself because in Italian higher education there was a lively debate on them, but my attempts to understand something beyond the various theories and technicisms in books and to use an open source software to check if I could produce something useful for the "Internet community" were both unsatisfactory. After I have read the other participants’ posts I feel better, first of all because I have learnt something more from their articles (some posts are really excellent, it is a pity that only a few people have read them) and because we share some feelings about learning objects and open education.

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Open_Ed assignments for week 11: Open Education and Learning Objects

11 Novembre 2007 6 commenti

Some people believe that open educational resources "fix" many of the problems experienced by those who work with learning objects. Why do you think they would say this? Do you agree? Why or why not?

If we compare the definition of OER given in Wikipedia ("Open educational resources are educational materials and resources offered freely and openly for anyone to use and under some licenses re-mix, improve and redistribute") to Wiley’s last definition of learning objects ("Any digital resource that can be freely adapted and reused to mediate learning", 2007, ) one can assume that open educational resources should include, among other things such as full courses, course materials, content modules, collections etc., learning objects as well. In  fact, the UNESCO report at the 2002 William and Flora Hewlett Foundation forum claims that "Open Educational Resources include learning objects such as lecture material, references and readings, simulations, experiments and demonstrations …" (The Learning Objects Literature, quotation reported at page 351).

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Open_Ed assignments for week 10: Reflecting on Week 9

3 Novembre 2007 1 commento