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Open_Ed assignments for week 9: Elective Reading Synopses

28 Ottobre 2007 1 commento

For this week’s assignments I have read "Free Culture", by Lawrence Lessig. The reason why I decided to choose this book among David Wiley‘s recommended books was because Alberto, a member of my professional community of practice, advised it in one of his posts, and also because it is available in Italian, my mother tongue language, not bad after eight weeks of readings in English! J

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Open_Ed assignments for week 8: Economic Models of Open Education

21 Ottobre 2007 2 commenti


This week’s readings have clearly pointed out that social production based on commons, rather than property, has become a significant force in the economy, and that in the knowledge society an effective social production system is developing next to a market production system. New large-scale projects have been developing on the social motivation bases that have been defined "commons-based peer production" by Bentley (Common Wisdom: Peer Production of Educational Materials, page 2). Generally, people think of sustainability in terms of money, but I agree with Downes who states that money "is only one part of a larger picture" (Models for Sustainable Open Educational Resources, page 29). There is no sustainability of any OER materials without peer interaction and cooperation or incentives (that can be monetary but also non monetary), which should take place at all levels:

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Open_Ed assignments for week 7: Licensing Open Educational Resources

12 Ottobre 2007 Commenti chiusi


The reading of this week has been very interesting and a novelty for me, as I have to confess I did not know very much about how to license creative/cultural works, but now that I should know a bit more than the past I am so confused about the answer that I’ll start with referring to my personal experience.

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Open_Ed assignments for week 6: Background Readings in Copyright and the Public Domain

7 Ottobre 2007 Commenti chiusi


The papers of this week are all concerned with the issue of copyright and the public domain from an American viewpoint and have underlined the limits of the current copyright law. In Italy, the law provides a limited copyright duration which varies with respect to the different categories subjected to copyright (medicines, musical CDs, software CDs, books, etc.). Unfortunately however, in Italy the situation is even worse than the States because the law does not provide the concept of fair use for educational and scientific purposes. This means that if a teacher, for example, copies even some small parts of copyrighted material for educational purposes, he could be fined and persecuted by the law. Unfortunately, this has happened several times: recently, an Italian teacher, Enrico Galavotti, found "guilty" for having published parts of artistic and literary works belonging to our world cultural heritage on the Internet to illustrate his lessons to his students, has received a fine of 4,750 Euros for the period 2002-2007 by the SIAE (the Italian company in charge of the protection and the respect of copyrights). This behaviour has aroused a wave of opposition and protest against the restrictions of the Italian copyright laws for educational purposes. Many intellectuals and the public opinion have sided in favour of the educational freedom and free circulation of intellectual content for no profit aims and against the restrictions of copyrights for educational content on the Web (read for example: Massimo Mantellini, "Troppi vincoli per scuola e cultura", Nòva, Sole 24 Ore, 15 febbraio 2007; Vincenzo Moretti, "No copyright, please", La Stampa, 11 febbraio 2007]. A petition in favour of no profit education, teaching and culture and against the limitations imposed by the present Italian copyright law has been started this year and is still open…

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